11 Posts From Around The Web To Motivate Your Blogging

Blogging can be a treadmill.  I always have a little dread after writing what I think is a good post.  Have you ever said to yourself, "What will I do next?" 

When I am stuck, I turn to these 11 posts and bloggers to help me get an idea going, give me confidence, or just push me to blog another day.

  1. 45 Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Buzz - Adam Singer
    I kid Adam that this post of his is my "playbook."  But time and time again, I've looked to this list as a guide to create buzz worthy content.  Adam also writes on inspiration and his body of work here helped me and countless others to start a blog of my own.
  2. How To Write Fast - Problogger
    Darren Rowse is a prolific and talented blogger.  His first 3 steps out of the 5 here are sometimes all I need to get my mind in the right frame of mind.
  3. 31 Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses - Mark Hayward
    We don't blog in a vacuum. Most of us are expert at something and make a living from it.  This list helps you to see all the content that is out there at your job - ready to mined.
  4. My Best Advice About Blogging Chris Brogan
    Chris has archived his best "how to blog" posts in one category.  In these eleven great posts, there is always something to get my mind racing. One line always resonates, "Pretend you are the reader.  Is this worth their time?"
  5. The Secret of the Web (hint: it's a virtue) - Seth Godin
    I re-read this post when I want to quit blogging.  One of Godin's most popular posts, it's a nice reminder that if you keep plugging away - you will outlast the other guys.  And win. 
  6. My Gift To You - Hurry, Offer Ends Soon - Danny Brown
    I have a tendency to get serious when I blog. We all do. We want to have that "expert" voice.  I have to remind myself that communicating can come in all forms.  In this post, Danny Brown shows that humor can be just as effective to get your point across.  It just so happens that this is one of Danny's most widely read posts as well.
  7. How To Write Headlines That Work - Copyblogger
    Sometimes a great headline is all I need to start the writing juices flowing.  
  8. Alltop
    Alltop is an online Magazine Rack of popular subjects.  Type in the subject of your niche and in seconds hundreds of blogs and news sites will appear with up to the hour updated material. Great for taking the pulse of what is happening right now in your field.
  9. My Social Media System - John Jantsch  
    Ever wonder why great ideas come to you in the shower or while driving? It's because muscle memory is doing all the work and your brain is free to dream.  This post is one way to make your social media automatic - so your brain can be freed up to do way more important things. When I'm wasting too much time on the computer and not being productive, John's post reminds me to automate.
  10. Viral Marketing Review: Using and Identifying Design Patterns Ship's Biscuit
    I like how this post aims to be exhaustive.  I'm sure it gets tons of hits a day because the thinking is clear and they make great points.  The post is about deconstructing what a lot of people are trying to do on the web right now: have a viral hit.  If it's not in your niche, I think you can still admire how they found as many examples as they could to define what constitutes a viral ad.
  11. Sasha Dichter's Blog
    Reading someone else's blog that has nothing to do with your niche is sometimes the best way to be inspired. There are thousands out there. As the Director of Business Development at the Acumen Fund, Sasha works in a completely different world than me. However, Sasha's on my motivation list because I really like the way he brings his every day life and observations into his posts.  

    Let me know what posts motivate you...