The Video Editor You Never Want To Let Go

Look for video editors that have these qualities:

  • He has ten years of experience.  There's just no substitute. Editing is a skill like any other.  But if you haven't put in the time, you're not going to be on my "go to" list.
  • She looks at all the footage. Sounds nuts not to look at all the footage but it's easier not to. Some editors just grab the first things they see.  I've seen people do it. There's no short cut.
  • He's musical. As a general rule, the finest editors I know also are pretty competent musicians. It makes a lot of sense... editing is all about timing. Having an ear for beats is invaluable. Certainly there are exceptions, but it helps.
  • She's funny.  Editing is about surprises. You want to shake up the audience to keep them watching. Someone who can make me laugh tells me she can catch me off balance with her edits as well.
  • He dabbles in After Effects or Motion. Certainly some projects don't require it, but the editor who can nimbly switch from AE to FCP is a keeper. It also shows me that you're willing to stretch and learn new things.
  • She is a collaborator.  Is it going to be a battle every time you elongate a shot, delete a white flash, or have to trash the last hour of work? Stick with editors that listen and then make your ideas better.
  • He is persistent.  Editing requires time in the seat. A 9 to 5 mentality is not going to do it for me or the project. And it's not only time, it's a drive to make it work, to finish and to conquer.

What makes your editor great?