What Do Chris Brogan And Michael Caine Have In Common?

The answer is Chris Brogan* and Michael Caine both know how to relate to the camera.

Both see the camera as their best friend.  

I've been enjoying Brogan's   series because he's been doing a great job of speaking candidly about what it takes to be success.  I feel like he's talking to me.  Can't see the clip, click here.

As someone who works with non professionals, talking into a camera can be daunting because it's so easy to forget that you're talking to someone behind that cold piece of glass in the camera. (He could have adjusted for the sun coming in through the window - but that's a different post).

Brogan is a great communicator.  I like that he doesn't shout like Gary Vaynerchuk (yes, Gary's a passionate fellow, http://tv.winelibrary.com/). But Brogan is just as passionate and more effective, I think, because he reveals to us who he is. 
We all can be good communicators on camera if we follow some simple rules that I've gleaned from Michael Cain's Acting in Film DVD (there's a book too but the DVD actully shows Caine and some students in action).

From Caine's Video:

  • Don't Move. Tics, winking, big gestures. You don't need them. Your best friend is two inches away.
  • Confide. If the camera is your best friend, treat him like your best friend.
  • And here's a funny one. Eyes are the most important thing. Make sure the camera can see yours. "If you have blond eyelashes and you're in a movie you might as well be in a radio play," says Caine who wears mascara when he performs on camera. Here's a clip from the DVD:

If you want to see more, get the video at workingartsvideo.com/sales.php. There's a 30% off coupon code available.  Disclosure: I've helped the publisher of Working Arts Library post on YouTube and was paid earlier this year to direct market these titles to Theater Professors and University libraries.
*Chris Brogan is the co-writer of Trust Agents (a current NY Times bestseller) and his blog, chrisbrogan.com is ranked #1 by Advertising Age's list of most influential marketing blogs.
What do you think of Brogan's communication skills?